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Post by Elven on Wed Aug 19, 2009 8:27 am

Hoi dudes. Well, we have few rules. Okey, they aren’t really huge rules but…

Clan members:

  1. First of all, if you make new map, it would be awesome if you put somewhere small text: Presented by ProWB. If you are more awesome, put small text and after that url to our forum. ( Do that even if you made map all yourself. You can after that credit yourself so much how much you want.
  2. Secondary, if you put that text into your map, then you are more than welcome to post threat about that map here.
  3. If you didn’t put that text there, then I am very sorry, but your map doesn’t belong to ProWB maps. This means that you can post it somewhere else, but not here!
  4. If you post another threat to somewhere else forum, you can always put link into our proWB forum same topic!
  5. If map is done, then I want just title. If map is under construction, please put [WIP] at the beginning of map name (work in progress).
  6. If map is delayed, then put [Delayed] to the beginning of map and set the topic as closed. You have access to do whatever you want in ProWB maps. (only mappers, no testers)
  7. For mappers: Please do not edit other members made topics!

For members:

  1. All members are 260 % or more welcome to comment topic (if it is opened).
  2. All suggestions are welcome.
  3. In other words, all things what are about reply, is allowed Very Happy!

ProWB small rulz Elven

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