Cannon Fodder (3 player) [Ra2 Remake]

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Cannon Fodder (3 player) [Ra2 Remake] Empty Cannon Fodder (3 player) [Ra2 Remake]

Post by Tiberian Fiend on Sat Aug 22, 2009 7:11 pm

Cannon Fodder (3 player) [Ra2 Remake] Cannonfoddert

After playing Red alert 2 again, I really wanted to get a map from it and recreate it for Red Alert 3.
With all this in mind I needed a map which was unique and could appeal both navy and ground forces.

So now I want to create Cannon Fodder so that everyone else can enjoy it as much as I have.

I have now have completed the first version.
The main download page is here,
Update Version 1.5:
Updates AI pathways, fixes some glitches

Both Updated to V1.5
- Direct link to Normal Version

- Direct link to locked mobile artillary version

- Creds to PPM who provide host on their forums,
Please take some time to view the site (maybe you'll find another map you like!!!!).

Screen Shots:
Cannon Fodder (3 player) [Ra2 Remake] Ss2f
Cannon Fodder (3 player) [Ra2 Remake] Ss3v
Cannon Fodder (3 player) [Ra2 Remake] Ss4b
Overall map preview
Cannon Fodder (3 player) [Ra2 Remake] Cannonfodderpreview
Red alert 2 full map:
Cannon Fodder (3 player) [Ra2 Remake] Cannonfodderra2
Mini Map:
Cannon Fodder (3 player) [Ra2 Remake] Cannonfodderminimapx

A little background story to suit the map.
Small-tropical islands were used to hold strategic positions, only havana and hawaii held as direct access to America.
This island was stumbled across by the allies during the fall back of the empire, finding that the main island and the surounding islands rich with resources, the allies quickly occupied population to maintain a "resource fall-back plan" should the Empire spring more suprises such as the talented Yuriko Omega or the Shogun Ex, the island also contained a great array of transition metals which were suitable for japan's mass robotic production, without it japan wouldn't of been able to start such a ambitious and successfull attack on russia.

Many spring rain-falls in the local area have cause mass destruction and have left many ship wreaks along the coast, flooding was a major issue in access to on-land oil, in an attempt to balance this out many companies built oil platforms on land, however the stresses of the aftermath from the floods proved too much for any machine installed there, so attempts to gain a steady flow of oil have since been abandoned due to construction costs.


All in all its a great map for navy and not just armoured units.
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