The Assault on Odessa (4 player)[Scripted]

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The Assault on Odessa (4 player)[Scripted] Empty The Assault on Odessa (4 player)[Scripted]

Post by Tiberian Fiend on Sun Aug 23, 2009 6:51 am

This is the campaign map for Odessa,
I've modifed it so that players can now be both japanese and soviet players.

Lay-out is simple, the top right 2 players are the soviets (both on same teams),
and bottom right and top left are the japanese players(again both on same teams).

The map plays a intro which, will end by taking each player to their bases,
then the soviet team get to prepare for the Shogun Ex, the soviets must protect the church and Vip bunker from being destoryed and push back the japanese players to win.

To set up properly set all team factions to random, and make sure that the soviets or japanese players are in respected places and on same team.
(this should be done auto aka. Slots Player 1-2 same team and in top right 2 places, Slots Player 3-4 same team and in top left,bottom right)

So all you really need to do is set the teams,
The Japanese Player in top left space is recommended for the human player on a skirk match as its the player who gains control of the Shogun Ex.

If any teams or factions are miss placed and error message will apper at the end of intro (sorry about the strict placements abit of an eye sore I know, however scripts don't always feel like doing my bidding, so got to take chances Crying or Very sad :s ).

feel free to make suggestions and coments look at scripts or even edit my verison(just leave my creds ^^).

Download It Here

Heres a few in game pictures.
The Assault on Odessa (4 player)[Scripted] Ra3minimapodessadc0

The Assault on Odessa (4 player)[Scripted] Generalra3odessa1ia2

The Assault on Odessa (4 player)[Scripted] Generalra3odessa2sb8

Currently known glitches
Glitch legend
Red, critical
Orange, important but not game stopping
Yellow, can be some what annoying
Green, very minour glitch

Players need to have the right set up
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