Quick irc guide

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Quick irc guide

Post by Hot_Fudge on Fri Aug 28, 2009 11:12 am

Ok as elven decided to make a new chat, on the awesome IRC network, and he also want to be a dictator so he put that you only can join if you registered

How you register:

so after you did start up the chat client you typ /ns register [password] [Email address] to register your nick.
For example: /ns register Roflmao n00b@gmail.com

(without the brackets, yes)
Then you typ /join #PROWB (including the #) to join the chat channel

All times after that, when you close chat and start up again, you can just typ your password @ startup, or if it doesn't work you typ /ns id [password], and typ /join #PROWB again
(yes, again without the brackets)

Happy chatting!

Oh, i also do recommend you to download mirc, much better


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