Technology Theft BETA 5 is out!

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Technology Theft BETA 5 is out!

Post by Elven on Sat Jul 25, 2009 6:51 am

I released emergenzy release beta 5. Because of middle bug (middle building is sellable and if it is sold, it isnt captureable). Also fixed some more bugs. Please read bug report below!


I accept right now all kind of suggestions about map, what should i change, what balance should i do or what should i fix. All kind of these stuff. If you have suggestion u can post here, you can send me PM (private message) or, you can send me e-mail.


Story is: There is huge base (first picture). I don't know yet, who was/is owner, but they discover some amazing intelligent, what they can of course use as weapon. Now you come in, and secretly jump into enemy base and take control of the main centre, when next moment whole base belong to 2 players. But of course engineers need to encode the codes and do other stuff, with the intelligence. They need only 30 minutes to do so. Same time other 4 players are having a new base in every corner and their objective is simple. Capture/destroy the structure, where engineers are cracking the code, only to stop the enemy who is trying to get the intelligence. So, this decides the 2 player mission. Protect the huge base. Of course they have defenses ready and good income, but can they defend the base against 4 players?

Lol! Now is only lot of scripting to do Razz




COMING SOON: Technology theft version 1.0

What will be in real release? Read below...

- You can defend with your friend for 30 minutes and computer will do attacking job. It depends what computer you used. If you used easy, it will be not very huge attacks. Brutal will be more challenging!
- If possible, I make other side also. 4 players are attacking and let the computer do defending job. I hope it works Razz!
- Small fixes.
- So much balance as possible.
- I guarantine, that there will be limits in the map. (tier 3 ship limit)
- Timers will be made more beautiful. More eva events and more comments from engineer who works inside the factory. Also I make sure that it will be awesome map end if player can protect for 30 minutes or players can recapture the middle factory. In other words, little better ending…
- Intro fixes. I probably remake intro, because of lag, there is many things what I need to rethink and it won’t work out with lagers/lag. So don’t be surprised for music change also!
- Of course I take special care of water. I make the water what is around the island more beautiful then it is right now!
- I promise then you can see more neutral ships in the water.
- If possible, you will hear more effects (wind). I’ll put them carefully again.
- There will be probably remakes of areas in the corners. Some places might be taken care of (to make it better). Don’t be surprised, if one side of island is remade!
- If possible, then I try to make bridges bigger or make more possible ways for land battles. Right now it might be pretty hard because of small bridges.
- Some texture fixes? Mostly in the water!
- Middle expansion bug - thanks Yuri-prime000

If you remember something, what should be fixed, please reply for sure, because then I might fix it for version 1.0!


made minimap and helped to test map out:

Huge thanks to testers, especially to:
Yes, nr. one thanks goes to Norzaaa who tested every change with me out!

Kaiserflame or OhYeahBaby...
AND ALL all their names. You can mention, if u were in testing)

Oh, and even hugher thanks goes to Maggots! My second account what i did yesterday xD. He spreaded map little bit and i have only used it once!!!!!


Technology theft TRAILER (made in 1.0)

Technology theft 1.0 new intro!


Fixed beta 5

- Fixed huge middle bug. MAIN building isnt sellable anymore!
- attacker maximum tier 3 naval amount is changed to 8 from 10. Defenders both can make 2, together with 4!
- None attacker or defender can't go throught the line in the entrance of defender water base....
- small IFV bug fixed (changed to normal)
- Player 3 to 6 dont have power plant outside of border (anymore)... Also removed 1 more power plant from defenders...
- Academyes (defenders) are indestructable.
- Edited small note somewhere in timer (25 mins)...
- maybe small not noticeable more fixes.

Fixed beta 4

- Navy limiter. Attacker player 3 can make max 10 shogun, aircraft carrier or dreadnoughts at the same time. Whenever you have 10 of those together, your tier 3 ship will be locked and will continue your ships when you have lost 1 shogun!
- Now defenders can make 2 tier 3 ships for defense, but can’t leave very far away!
- Around the middle base is now not buildable area (sea). It is for case that defenders wouldn't build navy to other side...
- believe or not... but... I guaranteed now more highly, that enemy can't pass any way the marks area (where units will be destroyed if you pass special marks)…
- Removed new bug what game of making area wasters. Secret reactors won’t destroy if defenders try to leave area!
- wtf seriously. I added one conscript!
- I removed that conscript later, when I discovered it was no use!
- changed some units/buildings health!
- fixed few small bugs what I of course forgot!

Fixed beta 3

- Biggest threat finally destroyed. Now who ever going to be in the middle, will be defender, who will be in any corner will be attacker. So setting teams doesn’t matter anymore!
- Well swap was removed…
- Defender can’t build tier 3 ships. They can build other naval to defend from enemy tier 3 ships.
- Because of previous update, defenders defending areas has gotten bigger.
- Just in case attacker academies are indestructible (they are near to sea)
- Enemy super reactors have much more health now and are harder to destroy
- All defending AA-s have more health, so attackers’ life won’t be easy!
- Defender academy have huge portion of health, so it takes a lot to take it out!
- Somewhere is hidden few tesla tanks. They are now veteran + they have more health!
- added some oil derricks near to player 4 spawn, to make income more balance.
- Some more small fixes, what doesn’t need mentioning!

That’s final beta release for multiplayer play Smile! Go, host and have fun.
Wait for the Technology theft 1.0 release. For more information (what you should wait) will be upper side of post.

Fixes beta 2

- Added 2 ore node to every corner!
- removed many repair drones for lag
- defenders cant build t3 ship (range too far).
- defending range is now larger. U can still use anti ship units, to defend against enemy t3 ships.
- intro little bit shorter!
- middle player academy have now extremly much more health.
- corner player academys indestructable (just in case)
- other small fixes!

So sad, that spot and intro few fixes arent up, if someone is at the frong spot...

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