Technology Theft 1.0 is released!

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Technology Theft 1.0 is released!

Post by Elven on Fri Jul 31, 2009 6:12 pm


Technology Theft, huh? If you haven't played Beta yet, then of course you don't know anything about it!

Technology Theft story is simple: it is peaceful night. Huge base is also peaceful. Well, base got news that their commando is arriving into base. And when commando is inside the base, the truth reveals: it was actually enemy spy who next moment bribed guard army who gladly helped spy to take control of base. Next moment 2 players control whole base with facility (what contains extremely powerful technology). But mission wasn't to control base, it was to control facility, because alliance happened to found some awesome technology. Now it is 30 minutes, to hack into computers and send all files into their own base. This means that 2 players need to protect this damn huge base for 30 minutes. If they can, they are successful. But this isn't so simple. Same time all 4 players who owned that stolen base have MCV outside of that huge base and they need to recapture facility in 30 minutes to send all data to new secret base. If they manage it, they are going to win.

But objective is simple, if 2 attackers is AI controlled! If you are going to set air controlled attacker players to 3, you need to destroy facility to stop this madness!

But you know what version 1.0 (or newer) more contains?

From now on you can defend with your friend and set attackers to AI! In other words computer won’t be so stupid and seriously attacks you! Yea, they are going to attack you with full force! Of course you can set how hard AI attacker you want, starting from easy to brutal!

I am sorry, but this isn't included in 1.0 yet, but soon there will. Now think you don't want to defend. You want to attack! Then get your teammates together and set the defenders as AI. Of course you can set even now AI to defend, but it isn't very challenging!

That's main story. That's all what I have to tell you about this map. You know what is most scary? This operation happens all at night!

PS: Strongest combinations are:
ground (where bridges lead) - both japanese
Air (where bridge doesnt lead - Allied
Water (where is defender water build area) - doesn't madder...

If you want to get more information, download newest updates, suggest some ideas, report bug or just want to say how awesome I am, then visit:



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