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Post by Elven on Mon Jan 11, 2010 1:34 pm

And it is decided – map story Wink

It has been decided, that Soviet Union, Empire of Rising Sun and Allies (United States of America), have been too long time in war. This is reason, why they decided to meet up, to start negotiations of peace. After all, all those 3 factions have had big loss. This is reason, why they choose x city for their meeting. It was most TOP SECRET meeting. Nobody had any ideas about it, and that’s why they didn’t bring any huge army with them, so they wouldn’t get attention. Everything went smoothly. In that huge city, citizen had concert at the same time, so they actually had also no ideas, why that concert really was held.

Everything was perfectly planned, except that information was leaked through a spy of future tech. Perfect chance for them. This is reason, why just not far away 3 best commanders were sent to destroy those 3 presidents. Best way how to dominate all 3 factions together. Future tech is already attacking with the army, but someone saw through the Future tech plan. And the reinforcement arrives to save the day. Presidents are keeping negotiations and entrusted defending to their 3 best commandos. Now it is 3 VS 3.

Question is: Will Future tech own all 3 presidents, and dominate all 3 presidents in the single life, or will president defender be successful, and defend president until they finish negotiations and safely gets transported away?

Map will be fully detailed (because it is also my visual training map) or at least more detailed then my other maps.

Now wait for it, until it arrives!
[size=giant]WAIT FOR IT![/size]


[WIP] Unnamed map Elven

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