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Post by Elven on Thu Jan 21, 2010 8:56 am

I have something important to announce!

Starting from 21. January 21, 2010 – ProWB will be hosted by GRANS.

This means that all members of ProWB have to register at

We are going to do huge work at there as well, but we keep this forum as well. This means that If someone wants to join us, you are free to post here as well. I won’t quarantine that we keep this forum forever and ever, it might be shut down one day, but I won’t shut down ProWB whatever happens.

Reason, why did I accept joining offer? First of all – we need more attention, and since there are many good other teams like Shock Therapy. Secondary we get our small base and in future we have chance for our own free FPS space, what would be very good profit for us.

And another reason is that we can show our work.

But our recruiting is still open. It is still our team. Only difference that we are getting hosted by someone else ;D!

So, if you have any questions then you are free to ask over here.

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