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Post by Elven on Mon Aug 10, 2009 2:32 pm

I had epicest match in my life Very Happy After 5th to 6th lost ^^.

We both were in fire island. Me downside map, he upperside. i made rush but omg, he counterattacked it and moved MCV into my base. So i moved my mcv into enemy base and killed enemy base with tankbusters. now i made base into enemy base and enemy made base into my base. Now he thought it was over, but noooo. I had new base ready. Next moment i send tankbusters rush. He had to sell stuff to get peacekeepers but nooo. Tankbusters owned peacekeepers! And then i went own pp, but he sold them for peasekeepers. I owned again those peacekeepers, now he builded up barracks and build dogs. Tankbusters quickly went into their hole, and now, look who comes there? THERE IS OUT SWEET TENGUS WHO FAILED AT BEGINNING! COMEBACK! EPIC COMEBACK! And so they killed dogs and tankbusters killed barracks. Oppoment was so annoyed he quited. AND VICTORY IS MINE! TAKE IT YOU DAMN BASE BUILDER!

If u want to see this wtfomgserioslyimpossiblezomgroflmaplolhaha match:

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