I neep a map *spruced up*

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I neep a map *spruced up* Empty I neep a map *spruced up*

Post by White Tiger on Tue Mar 09, 2010 4:14 pm

ok i am starting a new map. with a general basis of wich the mapper that does the work should get an idea of what i want... i will eventually do all the scripting.. ( i think )or at least most of it... i think.. but i wanna base it off a little bit of Tech Theft.. the soviet mission its based off of using tech inhibitor to delay rushing of heavy machines. and 2 people protecting the statue of Liberty from the Soviet/Rising Sun attack.. allies will have to be banned from this attack due to the obvious conflict of nature with attacking the Statue. a larger map would be better for greater detail and a larger Island on witch to place the statue out of range of long range ocean ships
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