[MISSION MAP] unnamed commandos announced

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[MISSION MAP] unnamed commandos announced

Post by Elven on Sun Jul 26, 2009 12:59 pm

Proffessional world builders are announcing:

(PS: Made 100 % by Elven (exept minimap xD)

It is still unnamed, but story is all about commandos!

First of all, it is coop mission map with 3 players. Ofcourse you can play with computer too Smile.

Tanya, natasha and yuriko has been sent to very dangerous mission. Everything is perfect and tanya is just few step away from destructing enemy fearful building, but oh no. Tanya, yuriko and even natasha will be get under angels secondary ability fire and can't move anymore. Is this end of alliance tanya, soviets natasha and Japanese yuriko? Of course not, this is impossible! All 3 factions will now cooperate. Russia, alliance and Japanese, to save their awesome commander! In this mission, they need to rescue their commando before time runs out. Can they do it? They need to finish multiple objectives, only to save their command. It’s time to show factions cooperative power!

Like I said: 3 human players vs 3 computers.

Map will be high and contain multiple objectives. Hoster can choose from easy to hard rank. Easy will be probably without time limit and hard will be with harder time limit.

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